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Theyve proven to me that theyre one of the best food restaurants within the area through consistent great tasting food+drinks and super speed delivery of 10-15 minutes. Like any other restaurant, try to order whats most popular as it guarantees your meal will be prepared with fresh ingredients. every place specializes in something different regardless of what type of restaurant it is. Theres a reason why specific food items are the most popular, dont go knit picking for something different and end up a sad runt who threw out their food and money . The Thai iced tea is a 20/10


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These guys are always really nice and patient. I have a chronic illness which sometimes affects my mobility, and even though they have a doctor's not on file with them,the door guys still sometimes forget that they need to let the delivery people up the elevator.

Even though I clearly explain this is the notes. many delivery people get frustrated and take this out on me, some lie and say there was no note, or even just leave (I then have to reorder from somewhere else) but they actually listen and understand. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated--thank you!

(Oh and yeah the food is good too.)


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I have been reordering that same combined which has become my weekend staple when I am not in the mood to go out. It delicious every time I order and well prepared. Delivery is spot on and most of the time the food gets here before the designated time which is quite refreshing.
Delicious food , fast and efficient service that cannot be beaten.


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I'm a huge fan of Thai food and this place never disappointed me. It was raining today and I didn't expect my order to be delivered this fast. They came within 20 minutes, nice and warmed. Everything was delicious. My noodle was perfect, my boyfriend also enjoyed his order very much. We will continue to order from here again.


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I'm glad another great Thai restaurant opened here. First time order from Thai BKK and will definitely reorder again. Pad se ew noodle is excellent, always my favorite Thai dish. Golden fritter is also really good. I ordered for delivery and the food came very fast and still hot and fresh. Wonderful experience!!

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2 reviews
So pumped to have a delicious Thai place near by! Usually I start with pad thai when trying a new Thai place, and Thai BKKs is a perfect classic. Since then Ive gotten a little more adventurous and Ive loved everything Ive tried so far. Not to mention, theyre always so friendly. Highly recommend!


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Food was amazing. My food came and my phone malfunctioned and they treated me very well after my mistake and re sent my food no problem. Thank you very much and I'm sorry about my attitude, it was my mistake and I blame hunger :) Thank you again food was amazing.


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I have lived in Harlem for 10 years and this is literally the best takeout Ive ever had. The price range is so decent and the food is delicious and well-prepared. So far Ive had the summer rolls and the red curry and theyre both excellent!!


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Requested the red curry to be extra spicy, and they did it for me. It had actual heat, which is nice because not all Thai places honor that request with real spice. That basil is really tasty. Delivery was in the projected window.


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The food was really good. It arrived quickly, even faster than the seamless crystal ball has anticipated :) Thai BKK is definitely on my top five seamless menu's. And the lychee Thai tea is AWESOME!!!

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